We offer bouquets with most of our wedding packages but you can always order one with a package that doesn't include one or order some bridesmaids bouquets for your girls. The french hand tied style is the most popular of the bunch. We offer our brides a choice of 3 colors for their bouquet upon booking one of our packages. If you like one of the bouquet images posted below just let us know and we'll forward it on to our floral designer for replication. The bouquet gallery below are floral designs by the professional floral designer we contract with on a regular basis.

The French Hand-Tied Style Bouquets / From $400.00

These are a favorite of our brides. They are bunched flowers with the stems cut short and are complimented with a tulle or satin ribbon. This style is often featured with models in most bridal magazines when advertising bridal gowns.

Starting at $400.00

Roses at Valentine's day will incur additional fees. Calla Lillies and some other specific flower requests may cost more at certain times of the year. Please call for quote

The Cascading style bouquet

This style of bouquet is a flowing teardrop shape. Our florist is very generous with her flowers. We find the Medium or Large style suitable for the Bride and the small style appropriate for the Maid of Honor.

From $450.00

Some specific flower combinations may incur additional fees. Please call for quote.

A Presentation style bouquet

This style of bouquet has long, bare stem flowers, with greenery, and your ribbon color choice. It is held at your side as a queen style bouquet for a natural look.

Starting at $300.00 & up... Please call for quote.

Bridesmaid and Maid of Honor Bouquets

Bridesmaid / Maid of Honor Bouquets are available for your wedding party. The bouquets are half size replicas of the bride's full size wedding bouquet. All of our Bridesmaid Bouquets are custom made by one of Maui's top floral designers. We value your input and encourage you to give us a feel for what inspires you in a bouquet. Since flowers vary in color and availability we may not be able to match your design precisely but we are sure you will love the design our professional creates just for you!

Starting at $300.00... Call for quote

Full Size Bridal Bouquets from Marry Me Maui Wedding Planners

The following images are examples of the full sized bridal bouquets we have available from our custom Maui floral designer. These are intended as a guide and if these give you some ideas we are happy to work with your modifications or color preferences should you have any.

Wedding Bouquet