Top 3 reasons to choose a Maui destination wedding.

Many couples have the same question; Should we have a big wedding or elope to an exotic destination, combine the honeymoon with the wedding, and have a party when we get back home? 1 in 5 couples answer with a destination wedding and Maui is at the top of the list. We have put together a list of 5 reasons why a Maui elopement is a great idea and why Marry me Maui is the wedding planner to choose.

  • First off, it's Maui! If you've never been here but have always dreamed of visiting Hawai'i then your elopement is the best excuse you'll ever have to get over here and discover why Maui is one of the top island destinations in the world year after year. From the verdant slopes of Kapalua to the drylands of Kihei, Maui offers sparkling blue bays, warm sandy beaches, rain forests, dramatic volcanic peaks, and outdoor adventures amidst her natural wonders. The people are warm like the days and there's plenty to do, or not do. Oh yeah, then there's the sunsets.

  • Maui wedding and elopement professionals like Marry Me Maui and Joe D'Alessandro Photography have been working with destination couples for decades. We have the knowledge and Aloha to make your celebration a flawlessly beautiful day you will remember forever. We can handle all the details pertaining to your ceremony because we have intimately experienced Maui's beaches and venues and know which ones are suited to your style. We offer affordable wedding and elopement packages including professional photography. Our vendors are authentic and well local residents who exude Aloha and have been sharing their Mana'o with visitors for years. Our local musician friends are as comfortable playing ukulele for your ceremony on the beach as they are on the stage in front of hundreds or thousands of people.

  • Maui's beaches! What can we say about these beaches? There are numerous bays, coves and landings suitable for you Maui elopement. For example, Makena Cove is about as small as a backyard but packs so much tropical beauty into such a small space that it's been featured on national television ads. Other beaches, like Ironwoods in Kapalua are long white sandy swaths of beach bordered by lava cliffs with views of Molokai to the west. Some beaches have hotels looming over them or are very popular with visitors. We avoid those as much as possible because we know where the uncrowded veaches are. Imagine, there's 7.7 Billion people on earth and on Maui we can find you a beach that you may only have to share with your love.
Makena Cove Maui

There's plenty of other reasons to come to Maui but if you're reading about this place then you already know the pull of Maui; like the Hawaiian demigod of the same name, who sank his hook to the bottom of the sea and pulled these islands up into the sunlight, these islands will pull you here. If you let them.

A Hui Hou.


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