The perfect solution to wedding drama: A Maui elopement.

The Elopement:

Webster's defines elopement as running away to get married without parental consent. Times change and so do expectations. Elopement ceremonies, especially destination elopements, are very popular with today's couples given the expense and complexity of a large wedding and reception. Add to that the need for a few weeks of honeymoon to adjust to your new life and you can easily see how a destination elopement begins to make sense. You can always have a party when you get back home and you'll be more relaxed and able to enjoy the festivities without all the hoopla.

The destination:

There are unlimited destinations in this world to arrange your elopement ceremony. The key is to match those locations with your skill set and your preferences. You're probably only going to do this once and it's going to happen quickly so you might as well spend the time to get deep into your heart and determine the best place for you and your partner. Some folks like to climb Kilimanjaro and get married at the top and others prefer a more sublime experience, like Maui.

The Maui destination:

For many, a Maui vacation or destination elopement seems like an unattainable experience. Excuses range from "It's too expensive" to "It's too far" to "do they have paved roads there"? The fact is Maui has plenty of incoming and outgoing flights every day with airlines vying for passengers with low rates. Not all Maui accommodations are in 5 star resort areas; B&B's, cottages, condos and alternative lodging exist all around the island for much less than you'd expect to pay. In those areas, away from the resorts, you can find the local stores and saimin shops that don't charge 24.95 for a bowl of soup. Uber and Lyft are ubiquitous. Long story short, you CAN get afford to get Maui'd and we do it for couples from around the world all the time.

Maui Wedding Professionals and Locations:

The supply of professional photographers, planners, officiates, musicians, floral designers, hair stylists, chefs, limo drivers, cake makers and any other type of vendor you need for your elopement is pretty much endless here. Whatever you want, from a private oceanfront estate to an intimate beach cove is available. All the beaches are free, all the beaches are public, and all the beaches are spectacular. When you hook up with a seasoned local professional Maui elopement planner they should have the knowledge and experience of Maui to be able to direct you to the beaches that don't have hotels looming over them or are crowded with hotel lounge chairs, blaring radios and sandbagged umbrellas. There are plenty of forgotten and secluded coves and beaches sprinkled around this island that will make a perfect location for your Maui elopement ceremony.

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